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Our Wider Offer


Quote from Gillian Burke - BBC Wildlife Presenter - Spring Watch:

'My visit to Sky Primary was such a joy!  I loved meeting the children who impressed me with their confidence, curiosity and engagement with the natural world.  Sky Primary is an inspiring glimpse at what inclusive nature-led learning could mean for Cornwall's next generation.  I look forward to watching this little school grow.'


At Sky Primary and Eden Project Nursery we offer a curriculum and learning experience which incorporates:

  • a nature inspired and sustainability focus
  • Learning beyond the classroom opportunities 
  • real life and relevant connections
  • a unique partnership with Eden Project
  • developing a sense of place and belonging


As part of our everyday learning, we visit the Meadow and our giant tipi (our outdoor classroom), we also explore Eden's estate and visit the Biomes.

Our school often visit local places to immerse our children in key experiences - we know this develops their understanding, connects their thinking and helps them to develop confidence in exploring and talking.  This in turn helps children to be curious, to articulate and help learn and use new words and be inspired in their writing .

Our curriculum is growing with our school and we expect to add overnight and further afield adventures at some stage soon.