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Links with the Eden Project

The Eden Project is an educational charity, social enterprise and visitor attraction. Its Cornish home, in a transformed china clay pit, is located less than three miles from the new school site.

Eden’s Mission to demonstrate and inspire positive action for the planet mirrors Sky’s vision for a curriculum which builds a foundation for lighting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, where they can flourish, thrive and form friendships and with nature-inspired learning at the heart of all we do.

Eden’s approach to education fosters a deep connection to the natural world, the knowledge and thinking skills to understand and manage the complex problems we face, and the development of people who are inspired and have the skills, creativity and imagination to work together solve the challenges they face, and create a world that is better than we found it. 

Eden's involvement in the school is both in the nursery and the school.   They will support and advise in the following areas:

  • development of and curriculum delivery development and delivery of a values-rich, nature-inspired curriculum
  • supporting the recruitment of nursery staff  
  • delivering training, coaching and mentoring on nature-connected, outdoor and sustainability-focused learning
  • access to the unique learning venue of the Eden Project
  • quality assurance on the themes above

They also support us more broadly across the across the Trust. Sam Kendall, Head of School Learning at the Eden Project, is a Trust Member at Kernow Learning.  They will support in training and best practice in nature-based and outdoor learning as well as global citizenship and environmental sustainability.