Kernow Learning will open an eco-school in the heart of the West Carclaze Garden Village. It will be a 210 place primary school and 26 place nursery to serve the families of Penwithick and St Austell as well as the emerging new community.  The expected date of opening is September 2022. 

"Thank you for your interest in the proposed new school and nursery.  We will put our heart and soul into providing an outstanding education for the children of this new school which, due to its location, will have unrivalled outdoor based learning."  Jennie Walker, Kernow Learning Trust CEO

"We will provide the resources and learning opportunities for all pupils attending Sky Primary and Eden Project Nursery to become global citizens and be aware of how they can all make a difference to the way in which we live.  These pupils will have access to an exciting and enriched curriculum that will extend well beyond their classroom giving them hands-on real life experiences.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have."  Gill Harper, Kernow Learning Business Director and Project Lead

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School Ethos

We believe that a deep understanding of global learning and sustainability will underpin the core principles and values that our children will need as they become the adults of tomorrow.

The deeply held believe ‘start local, think global’ promotes outward facing collaboration and partnerships which will ensure we have an outstandingly aspirational school built on mutual respect and compassion.

The school will have an authentic green and sustainable agenda woven into all aspects of curriculum, practice and the very fabric of the building. The children will pro-actively be engaged in a sustainable education for the future through a curriculum that goes beyond recycling and conserving energy.

An outdoor learning approach which will be central to learning experiences, will lead to significant benefits for children’s health, happiness, well-being and development; in their relationship to nature and each other.

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